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El Portal Elementary

El Portal Elementary

2022 Winter Show

Our most popular package is the "Video Link and Action Photos" We are taking 100-200 photos of each act and you get all of the photos we take from the entire show as a digital download and a FULL HD Digital Download Link. 

Pre-order and save as the price goes up at the show and again after the show.

ALL HD VIDEO & PHOTOS ARE EMAILED IN 6-8 WEEKS & are password protected.

Sample Photos!

Past Events

2021 Winter Show

2019 Winter Show

2019 Talent Show

2018 Talent Show

2018 Holiday Show

Orders will be shipped directly to you in

6-8 Weeks

2017 Winter Show

All orders  will be shipped directly to you!

"Talent Show"

May 16th, 2017


Video: DVD



"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"


(Shipped to You)


Free Shipping!



Want to order older or not listed DVDs?

Call (818) 835 – 3344

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