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Dance Dimensions

Sample Photos! We take 100-200 PER DANCE!

Dance Dimensions

Our most popular package is the Combo Blu-ray DVD and Action Photos. We are taking 100-200 photos of each dance and you get all of the photos we take from the entire show on a data disc and a Blu-ray video disc of the entire show for $82. Blu-ray discs are full HD and really clear!

The Blu-ray you can see the faces really clearly and the standard definition is harder to make out the faces due to it being an older technology. Prices are per show.

All DVDs are sent to the studio in 6-8 weeks or can be mailed to you for $10

Miss out on purchasing previous shows?

Let Girls Learn

June 24th & 25th,2017

Photo DVD (Action Photos)

Shipping is included in price, so please make sure your shipping address is correct.


Want to order older or not listed DVDs?

Call (818) 835 – 3344

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